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April 12,2019

Posted on Friday, April 12th, 2019

It's been busy at the Whitecourt District Agricultural Society.

The annual convention held in Edmonton by the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies was attended by 8 delegates who were able to bring lots of information and knowledge back to the society.

The rodeo committee is well underway to wowing the fans again at this year's rodeo that will run June 21-23rd. 

Mudbog will be back May 25 and 26th. A sure fire hit with many visitors looking to enjoy some family fun entertainment.

A community garage sale is set to happen May 4-5th at the Westward Community Centre. There has already been lots of interest from people who want to shop, as well as, from those who are wanting to sell at the yard sale. There are still some tables able to be rented by this event.

The Beautification committee will soon be buzzing about again with the final placement of the new waste and recycling receptacles. They will be adding four more sets around the grounds. Each bottle and can collected in these bins will be used by the Beautification committee to improve the look of the grounds through different means. 

The arena committee has been working hard to clean up and fix what is needed to the arena and it isn't too hard to see the work they have already put into it.

The signs of spring are all around us. Sharlene saw her first butterfly of the year, early in the week and is hopeful that it will be a perfect year for farmers, their crops and livestock, as well as, warm enough to enjoy the feel of the sun on one's face as they ride their horses, camp, fish, garden or while just sitting back enjoying the moment.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and promise. Here at the Whitecourt District and Agricultural Society, we wish you a happy Spring!


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