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April 23, 2018

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Last week Volunteer Week was celebrated all over the province. Everywhere you went, you could see tributes and hear accolades of outstanding citizens. What would a community be without it's volunteers?

Ralph Ament arrived in the office today commending the last two renters to the indoor arena. (Last week it was a clinic and the weekend before it was the Tennessee Walker Group.) Ralph is one of our directors and volunteers here at the Ag grounds and takes care of the arena. He is so appreciative when a group cleans up after itself. These groups took the time not only to clean up their mess in the arena but to clean up around their trailers outside. These groups may not even have realized how their good deed touched us here at the society. 

Our board of directors is 100% volunteer. These outstanding people dedicate their time and energy making sure that the grounds, clubs and events are run at not only their best but that they have addressed any possible problems or instances that could possibly happen. Quite often you will see directors working on the grounds in their spare time to help improve them, for everyone.

We have fantastic sponsors, partners and members in our group, as well. They ensure that we can run events, pursue grants and even raise money ourselves.  Members have attended work bees, helped at our casinos, worked raffles, sold 50/50 tickets, worked as security, mowed, set up events and helped to build this Agricultural Society into something that everyone can be proud of. We could never have, nor could we be anything, without the dedication of so many volunteers.

It is because we are volunteered based, that a good deed does not go unnoticed, like cleaning up after yourself and cleaning up around your horse trailer before you leave the grounds. We appreciate every work bee, casino, event and call for help, that the community we call our membership, have participated in. We thank you for helping making the Whitecourt District Agricultural Society better because of what you give and do freely. We appreciate each one of you.



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